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Week 2 Storytelling with Daryll Bellingham
7 Jun 2013
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Daryll began the workshop singing  my grandma and your grandma are eating lots of chocolates – it set the mood for a happy space then followed with the beautiful and mesmerising GASON (a gas bottle turned musical instrument).Each turn was granted through story telling games including a 3 -2 -1 sentence story. This was a fun and gentle way for the group to get to know each other and for Daryll to connect to the group – he also supported those that were shy and managed to move them to their comfort zone and share a story. Phoebe was very shy but her bright blue toenails where a fun and safe story that Daryll helped her share. Principal Peter Lund from Blair also shared a great and funny fishing tale!

We then began movement and storytelling games playing fortunately and unfortunately and all the people who. It was through the story telling games some of the most sensitive and funny stories came about. Chloe shared her story of the last hug from her grandfather before he passed away and Byron was able to express his funny and comedic nature in having a story about every subject. Sometimes through student questions stories went off in tangents and in one case the story of Boundary Street in Brisbane came about. All stories were listed to with the upmost attentiveness and care.

Daryll regathered the group for some serious caring through storytelling talk, engaging the children in what happens to us when we hear a good story, including how our brain releases oxytocins and how these are good for healing and caring.  How sharing and listening to a story can make you feel better and that story telling is a gift we can give to others in caring for them. A shared story is a treasure!


Daryll presented each student with their C4C diary and they enthused to write a story about a time they pleased their parent or carer. The children loved this opportunity to write but mostly wanted  to read and share their story to Daryll.

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