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The Gums
27 Aug 2013
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The boardwalk connecting Noosa Main Beach to Little Cove Beach was re-built in 2010 due to the volume of people who visit the area by foot. The local council recognised that widening the path was a necessity but  it also recognised that it is the natural environment that attracts people to the Noosa area. With this in mind the new boardwalk was constructed around all of the tall native trees that existed along the designated path. This tree is a blue gum (eucalyptus); there are more than thirty different species of eucalyptus surviving in the Noosa area. The blue gum is the preferred eucalyptus species that koalas rely on to survive. It is therefore valued not only for the shade it provides, the birds it attracts but also for maintenance of the local koala population. From a cultural perspective it is also important to recognise that the traditional land owners relied on the eucalyptus tree for both food and medicinal purposes. 

eucalyptus gum preservation tree
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