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Nambour Sustainability
29 Aug 2013
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Nambour Alliance.

The mission of Nambour Alliance Inc, a not-for-profit association, is to provide community leadership and to work co-operatively for the benefit of Nambour and surrounding geographical areas by advocating, educating, promoting, implementing and facilitating agreed positions and priorities.

Transition Nambour.

Transition Nambour is part of a world wide, grass roots community movement that seeks to raise awareness and create positive outcomes to help mitigate the ongoing effects of Climate Change and Peak Oil within our local community.

Nambour Community Gardens Inc.

Nambour Community Gardens is an initiative of a committed group of people encouraging sustainable lifestyle options whilst creating a sense of place and identity with in the greater community. This is in the form of community gardens.

 The Petrie Catchment Care Group

The origins of the Petrie Creek Catchment Care Group (PCCCG) lie in the community concern generated during debate over building the weir on Petrie Creek in Quota Park, Nambour. In 1998, the Catchment Care Group was formed in response to increasing concern for the health of the Petrie Creek ecosystem.

The group has been active in revegetating many sites from the creek’s headwaters on the Hunchy plateau through to the farmland on its lower floodplain where it joins the Maroochy River. There has been a particular focus on the creek’s most visible reaches where it meanders through Nambour. Spectacular growth of earlier plantings has now stabilised much of the banks and provides an enchanting environment where wildlife can be seen, including platypuses at certain times.
A particular focus is on informing and educating the community on the benefits of planting local native plants and on providing assistance in all aspects of that through action, site visits, talks and workshops.

Florabunda Bushcare

Florabunda Bushcare is a community nursery established in September 2000 by Petrie Creek Catchment Care Group Inc. to supply and promote quality local plants for the community. 
Florabunda Bushcare is committed to supporting the biodiversity of the region by sourcing local seed and promoting the use of local native plants by providing a centre for volunteers, residents and customers where propagation, revegetation and environmental educational issues are supported. 
The nursery has evolved with the support of a group of PCCCG dedicated volunteers and with the assistance of grants from Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Jupiters Gaming Fund and donations. It is currently self funded by community support through the sale of plants to landowners, home gardeners, landscapers, council and funded projects. 
We specialise in local rainforest and open forest species for revegetation and regeneration. Home gardening is catered for with special areas offering ground covers and small shrubs and trees. There are also rows dedicated to bush tucker plants and bird, butterfly and wildlife attracting plants.

The Centre for Growing Sustainability

The Centre for Growing Sustainability (CGS) is a not for profit eco-sustainability centre, based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

CGS focuses on providing Education and Inspiration, to everyone within the community interested in a sustainable future.

The ‘Centre for Growing Sustainability’ is a hub of education with living, practical classrooms and extensive garden areas for the public to experience growing crops in a sustainable manner.

Our Values are –

  • Equal opportunity for all
  • Healthy workplace
  • Caring for people, soil and plants
  • Valuing all living creatures
  • Leading by example
  • Always have enjoyment and fun
  • Welcoming and embracing others
  • Valuing what others bring

“We look forward to many people within our community, locally and globally, joining us at the ‘Centre For Growing Sustainability’

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