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Berrinba Wetlands
29 Aug 2013
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The Berrinba wetlands is located at Wayne Goss Drive, Browns Plains Queensland. The wetlands are man-made, created by sand and mining operations after World War II, and have largely remained untouched since the 1990s. Explore the Berrinba Wetlands with over 80 hectares of natural beauty and recreational facilities.

Get close to nature and learn more about the natural environment at Berrinba wetlands. It highlights the best of local flora and fauna, with a key focus on preserving the environment for future generations.

Enjoy 8.5 kms of walkways and bike tracks. An interpretive centre featuring interactive LCD screens, educational posters and a viewing platform. Around the wetlands there are substantial bridges providing safe human movement around the entire site. These bridges rails can collapse in times of flood to minimise debris build-up.

Discover the large variety of bird and animal species living right in our own backyard. Locate the 100 nesting boxes have been placed for birds, possums and gliders in the wetlands and wireless cameras which have be installed for research projects. 430,000 Australian native plants including 20,000 shrubs and trees. The tributaries flowing through the wetlands and Waterways up to 12 metres deep in some parts.

No pathway has been placed through the Wallum Froglet's habitat to ensure its future. All Non-native trees have been cleared, leaving natural bush and regrowth to encourage the return of native wildlife. Each allotment is high quality, clean, green and can potentially have future access to recycled water, to be used for landscaping and industrial use. The allotments have been designed to maximise environmental sustainability where energy efficient designs minimise the amount of electricity which is used.

There is two playgrounds, the first has a large matrix climbing frame, 3 person see saw, a web nest swing, 3 pole spinners, a large spinning ring, and a platform with a gymnastics bar, mini climbing wall and small swing underneath.  Down to the left, behind this playground is a large flying fox with a ramp for take-off. The second is for the younger aged children and has tunnel, abacus beads, play home, u-shaped bridge, climbing pole, noughts and crosses game, a wave slide, a steering wheel and a fireman’s pole.  Also in the sand here, are two small tables with four chairs each.


Berrinba Wetlands is a nature lover's haven in the heart of Logan.

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