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Moonie State School Mural - Western Downs
30 Aug 2013
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Moonie is a small rural community on the outer fringes of the Western Downs.

In 2010/11 many properties around Moonie suffered extended periods of isolation a number of times.

In close consultation with the Moonie State School P&C, the Western Downs Community Development Officer (position funded through the Community Development Engagement Initiative) developed a proposal for the school children to create a mural reflecting on their experience and interpretation of the flood events.

A disused water tank was chosen as the canvas for the mural and community volunteers blasted and prepared the tank.

Marge Power, a well respected artist with a teaching background, was engaged to help develop the mural using funds made available by the Flexible Funding Package. She ran two workshops with the children and some parents to develop their ideas. She then produced a concept board which was displayed at the Moonie State School's 50th Birthday Celebrations.

Over 500 people attended the 50th Celebrations. The SES and local fire brigade had displays and distributed disaster preparedness materials. Following display of the concept board at the 50th Celebrations, the mural was completed by the pupils with Marge's assistance. A workshop on maintenance was also provided.

The community response to the mural was overwhelmingly positive. There was amusement at the depiction of yabbies climbing up wheat stalks and interest in how the helicopters, which the children had seen only on TV, were such a memorable part of their experience of the floods.

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