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Moose, Pete and Katelyn finish Bridge to Brisbane 2013
2 Sep 2013
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Hi Berrie, Early on Fathers Day morning Moose, Pete and Katelyn (along with 40,000 keen runners!) participated in the 2013 Bridge to Brisbane. We were all exhausted at the finish but really enjoyed the experience! Moose was very pleased that he managed to beat the Premier, Campbell Newman by 2 minutes!!

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Feral Arts Mon, 2 Sep 2013 2:45pm

Hey Moose - thanks for this - perfect! We are setting Berrie up with her ipad this weekend so it will be great to have some stories in ready to go. We added the story you made into her project for you. To do it yourself you just select the project in the publishing options when you are creating the story. Or if you start the process from the add a story link on her stories feed it goes straight in there. Let us know if that makes sense - say hi to pete and katelyn! 

cheers - Sarah and Norm 

John Moose Koy Mon, 2 Sep 2013 8:05am

Hey Sarah and Norm, this is a fantastic initiative and I can't wait to see Berrie keeping up to date with us all using her new iPad! Thanks for sorting out my first story!  I tried for about 20 minutes to post into Berrie's Project but I don't think I had the permission to do that from the iPad I was using?  Seems to work okay though a standard browser though. Anyway, hopefully i'll have more luck with the next one! Chat soon.

cheers moose.

Beryl Horton Fri, 13 Sep 2013 6:53pm

Hey moose and Peter and Katelyn 

Congratulations on your run - Mal and I might have a go next year 

Lots of love - Berrie and Mal