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Mon Repos Geographical Excursion for Year1
9 Sep 2013
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Mon Repos Year 1 excursion

by Janelle Parker

Mon Repos was chosen as the destination for the year 1 geography excursion. It seem to fit all the parameters of Sustainable Communities. It covers the cultures of Aboriginal and South Sea Islanders, the environment of a conservation park, the social interaction we have with the park, the people and culture surrounding the park as well as the economic  sustainability of the park.

The class will  examine closely the seven Geographical Concepts starting with 1. Place, Mon Repos is a relatively small part of the world where the Loggerhead Turtles lay their eggs, even though there are other places that the turtle will go to lay Mon Repos has the majority of the species lay eggs on its beach. When the hatchlings break free of their sandy nursery their body makes a magnetic map of the region so that when it is time to come back to lay eggs as a mature adult the turtles know exactly where to go. 2. Space. The natural richness of the Conservation Park makes investigating the space exciting for not only the young but all those who are interested in acquiring knowledge of the diversity of the park and the cultural significance of Mon Repos. 3. Environment. This area has always been a special place for Aboriginals. During spring there would be a constant supply of eggs which provided the families with protein rich food thus making the trip to the coast an important  annual event. The environment surrounding the park has also been lush with native grasses which supply the kangaroos with plenty of food for themselves and their young  5.

Interconnection. Through time from the settlement of a colony in Australia and the present time this area has gone through some radical changes. The Gurang Gurang people used the area for food and shelter sustainably. Then the European settlers came to farm the land and it was cleared of native trees which impacted on the turtles’ environment and push away the nomadic natives. After this devastation the land owners brought in South Sea Islander labourers’laborers’ who altered the landscape again with construction of buildings and walls. 5. Sustainability. Since the 60's there has been a movement to restore and look after our natural wonder of Mon Repos. The landscape is slowly being restored by Indigenous Rangers with funding from Local and State governments. There is also a charge for viewing the turtles during nesting and hatching season which provides funding for Park Rangers to ensure the beaches and the natural habitat are looked after and improved. 6. Scale. The scale of the Park is relatively small. The year 1 class will discover this as they spent a couple of hours exploring the park. This feature does not take away from the park but adds to the importance of the place. The relatively small section of Australian coast that the Loggerhead Turtles lay their eggs is very important to the sustainability of their life cycle as they will always return to the beach where they hatched out on. This is a global concern as research has found most Loggerhead turtles hatch from the Mon Repos beach. To keep the species from extinction the Conservation Park needs to be maintained and upgraded. 7. Change. Through time the wider community has acknowledged that there needs to be changes in attitudes towards the natural environment. The natural environment of the coastal line running through the park has had extensive changes since colonization. From stripping the land completely through to now when the need for protecting the environment has been acknowledged and the community is working towards returning the natural wonder to its former natural state.  

Through our geographical journey the intension was to build awareness in the students of the important role they can play in helping to create a sustainable environment for not only the Loggerhead Turtles but also for the historical significance of the Basalt walls within the area. Building their knowledge of these valuable natural and constructed features will motivate the learners into action and promote positive attitudes towards their local geographical features. 

Excursion Mon Repos
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