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My Place Journal
8 Sep 2013
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My Place Story Journal


Year Level: Year 1

Australian Curriculum - Geography Knowledge and Understanding Descriptor:The natural, managed and constructed features of places, their location, how they change and how they can be cared for (ACHGK005)



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Welcome sign of Mon Repos.

Introduction to the Place story. Setting the scene of an Environmental Park

Place-Identifying a local feature of a place.


The pristine Beach of Mon Repos

To preserve our turtle population the beaches need to be kept clean and lighting has to be low for the turtles to nest.

Space-The oceans and the sand dunes. The students reflecting on their learning to suggest ways that places can be cared for.

Sea shells

Even seascapes differ from one another. Some beaches have only sand others have rock and some have shells.

Environment- There are unique features of the beach. It provides a special place where the turtles are protected now and into the future

Turtle laying Eggs/Photo/Video


Gathering information on the life cycle of the endangered logger head turtle.

Sustainability- Park Rangers talk on looking after the environment and helping the turtles. 


The Basalt wall.

The South Sea Islanders made a beautiful rock wall to divide properties, we need to teach respect for such historically rich constructions.

Interconnection- Links to Aboriginal and South Sea Islander cultures.

Place-Sense of identity, being able to identify with those who worked so hard for our community.

Walking paths


These show the importance of the area. Why we need to look after the area.

Scale-The spatial features of the environmental park.



Revegetation of the park. The students will identify changes in features and describe how to care for places.

Change-Many changes have occurred in the Mon Repo area since settlement however consideration for the future is now being planned.


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Paper Bark tree


Many different kinds of trees make up a habitat.

Interconnection- Trees have significance to The indigenous people. They used them for many different uses. Environment- If it is too dry the tree will die and this will have a negative influence on the environment.

Map of Mon Repos


The map will help the students recognize the difference of places and their features on pictorial maps and present findings in a range of texts.

Scale- The spatial features on Mon Repos Conservation Park are considerable. The features of the park are changing as the City council see’s the increasing need to protect our natural heritage.



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