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Castle Hill
8 Sep 2013
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At the heart of townsville is a giant landscape icon known as Castle hill. Castle hill is a heritage listed ,isolated, pink granite monolith that stands 286m above sea level. As Townsvilles most disticntive natural feature, it is home to many native wildlife creatures like the rock wallaby, monitor lizard and many species of bird. The animals and plants of townsville can be explored further at the following website. http://gvcocks.homeip.net/

Castle Hill is a popular attraction site for not only tourists who wish to see an aerial view of the city but also for many local exercise enthusiasts. The 2.6km road that stretches to the summit is a scenic walk for everybody regardless of age.

During WWII Castle Hill was used as a communication and observation post for the millitary. The observation bunker still remains on the hill as a tourist feature.

Originally Castle hill was known as Mt. Cutheringa. Several paintings at the summit display strong links to the aboriginal people. Although much of the aboriginal history of Mt. Cutheringa was not recorded, the name remained as one of two indigenous place names of Townsville.

Castle hill predominately supports eucalypts and is a reserve to study natural environments.


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