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Saviours of the Lost Arts
9 Jun 2010
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Saviours of the Lost Arts was an initiative of Brisbane City Council which provided :: Senior residents of Brisbane, :: Lovers of craft, :: Young and emerging craft workers, and :: Professional artisans the opportunity to showcase and share their arts and crafts. They also developed networks and business skills to assist the growth of social enterprise within the city. The program aimed to evoke a new sense of craft-love in Brisbane with a focus on seniors, the custodians of the 'lost arts', who will have the opportunity to share their skills and engage in the intergenerational phenomenon that is developing around craft. The Craft Fair, held at King George Square on Tuesday 1st June, hosted an eclectic range of crafts makers to demonstrate skills and sell beautiful things. Craft guilds and organisations were also in attendance to attract new students and members. The FREE Workshop Series was presented over 2 weeks, from May 24 - June 5.

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