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SNAPSHOT of war, interracial love, and mental illnes
11 Sep 2013
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SNAPSHOT; a true story of love interrupted by invasion” is the solo play I wrote and have performed on 3 continents.  My intention is to honor my father and other Vietnam Veterans lost under the avalanche of history. Fusing words, dance, music and film the story chronicles the quest of a mixed-race daughter from Central Appalachia who eventually finds her homeless Veteran father suffering in Hawaii. Performing SNAPSHOT around the world, I’ve learned my family’s story about war, interracial love, and mental illness has real transformative power.  I’m now expanding the story into a feature film “Love Interrupted.”

Based on the true-life story in SNAPSHOT, Love interrupted is story about the connections between public policies and private lives, of growing up in the South, of questions of identity and a new way of thinking and dealing with our history to create a healthier future.

In 2003, I was asked to perform in an artists’ anti-war rally in New York City.  At the time, I had just returned from my second trip to Hawaii, searching for my father and finally finding him.   He is a Vietnam Veteran who progressed into schizophrenia and left our family some 26 years earlier.  Seeing in person the devastating effects the war had on him, and knowing how living without him affected my mother and me, was quite an intense reality to digest. 

It seemed like such an injustice to let this man, my father, live the remainder of his life unknown, living in solitude and still struggling with what he was drafted to do in Vietnam. I definitely have something to say about war. 

SNAPSHOT was nominated for BEST ACTRESS at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, special selection at: Cape Town Festival South Africa and International Women's Festival Tornio Finland and recipient of: Brooklyn Arts Council Individual Artist Grant, and Kentucky Foundation for Women Arts Meets Activism Grant.


The artist or arts organization telling this story was supported in part by a grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women. KFW is based on the belief that when women and girls advance, so does Kentucky. For more information about the foundation and the social change artmaking being done by the individuals and organizations it supports, visit www.kfw.org." 

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