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Steps No Problem
30 Nov 2012
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We spotted her in a gum near John's place. That's be in the year 2008. She decided to move location...human habitat no problem...steps no problem...we can live with these humans...I'm not concerned. She ran up the steps and calmly climbed the gum up beside John's bedroom. It was a small resting tree. She used to be here a lot of the time, a really healthy girl. It gave you a feeling of wonderment seeing her...what an extraordinary animal.

One day Dave and John were standing on the footpath talking. 2 Council workers were on the road. Dave called out 'Have you ever seen a wild koala'? They said 'NO!' He said "stay still there's one coming up the road beside you". It ambled by completely ignoring them and went up its favourite tree. They were quite astounded...big happy smiles...We dont see them too much like that any more. Not like that anyway.

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