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Making a Difference
13 Sep 2013
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As the river is part of a large catchment there are many interconnecting creeks and rivers that flow into the Fitzroy River. Communities that rely on the basin are making changes to ensure the basin continues to sustain life and is a healthy and plentiful bundle of waterways. 

Improving water quality 

Fencing creeks and rivers can prevent cattle from destroying banks. Their movements trample vegetation and push sediments, such as sand, mud, and fertilisers into the water. 

Reducing soil run-off

Local governments and town planners are reducing run-off from urban areas by building pavements and gardens that soak up rain. Farmers have used ground cover to reduce soil run-off as well as rotate cattle to prevent over-grazing of the land. 

Habitat protection

The access to river banks have been reduced to protect turtle feeding and breeding areas from disturbance. Improving the water quality of the Basin is driven by organisations such as Fitzroy Basin Association who work with local councils and community members to implement plans. 

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