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Weyba creek Conservation Park
1 Sep 2013
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You are about to enter an ecosystem that is 20 times more fertile than the open ocean and 5 times as productive as the nearby coastal waters. Take a walk through a place where the land meets the salty estuary in the intertidal zone on the edge of Weyba creek Conservation Park at glories Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast Queensland. This area is alive with a diverse range of wild life such as flying foxes, possums, gliders, and water rats. The mangroves here create a home and nursery for a variety of fish species and Crustaceans such as; crabs, prawns and shellfish that rely on the mangrove species here to live and breed. Come for a walk now through this diverse habitat as we investigate the significance of the natural vegetation in this area and discover how this environment support the lives of people and other living creatures both here and in the open oceans.

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