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19 Sep 2013
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This is an extract from the children's educational DVD ' Out and About On the Farm - Incredible Crops! Join Buzz and Fizz as they visit the countryside and go OUT & ABOUT to discover how our food is grown by farmers. Narrated by CBeebies superstar JUSTIN FLETCHER, this is the ultimate DVD for children with an interest in farms and farm machinery - and with 2 HOURS of live-action footage it is also fantastic value! Recommended for children aged from 3-8 years, this DVD contains five entertaining and educational films which will teach children about their food and where it comes from; how different crops are grown; the seasons; countryside wildlife and plants; different kinds of farm machinery, and how produce from farms reaches the shops. With a lively voiceover by Justin Fletcher, this great DVD is guaranteed to captivate and educate children and adults alike! The DVD contains 5 seperate films: WHEAT - Find out how one of the most important crops in the world is grown and harvested. This film shows the farmer preparing his field by spreading it with manure, ploughing, cultivating, and finally planting the seed. We follow the crop through the season as it grows from tiny green shoots to a beautiful golden crop that is ready to be harvested by the enormous combine harvester. GRASS - Not always thought of as a crop, grass is valuable for grazing animals in the summer and for making hay and silage for use during the winter. We see how farmers use an exciting range of machines to cultivate this important crop and then harvest it to make hay and silage. We also see a crop of gigantic 'Elephant Grass' being harvested to produce bio-fuel. MUSHROOMS -- Discover how this unusual crop is grown inside dark tunnels using all kinds of unusual machines to plant, pick and pack them ready for the shops. PEPPERS -- See how peppers are grown in an enormous greenhouse which is the size of twenty football pitches! These plants are grown using no soil and we discover how their food and water is prepared and delivered through a series of pipes. We also discover why the pepper farm's other important product is electricity! POTATOES -- The simple spud is a complicated crop to grow and we watch the farmer throughout a whole year as the field is prepared, planted and finally harvested using a selection of specialised machines. Our DVDs can be shipped worldwide and are Region 0, so will play in most countries. Get a 10% discount by using the code 'TUBE2' when buying from: www.beebright.co.uk

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