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Time To Feed The Ducks And Go For A Swim!
19 Sep 2013
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The Rockhampton Botanical Gardens is surrounded by a lagoon.  This Lagoon is known as the Murray Lagoon and is a natural feature within the Gardens and Zoo.  Murray Lagoon has played an important role in Rockhampton’s history since European settlement in 1853.  During the 1860s the Murray Lagoon was a popular bathing spot for all members of the community.  The original occupants of the land are the Indigenous tribes of the Durumbal Nation.  It is noted that there were originally 22 clans in the Fitzroy Region.  Murray Lagoon formed one of a series of Lagoons that were important hunting ground for the Aboriginal People. In the early 1880s the Murray Lagoon added to the popularity of the Gardens as it was a swimming hole to local residents. The Lagoon supplemented Rockhampton’s first water supply. The Murray Lagoon provides a safe haven and bird sanctuary for over 80 different varieties of birds and many different freshwater animals (turtles, fish, eels).  The Lagoon was declared a Fauna Sanctuary in 1902.














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