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Flora and Fauna
20 Sep 2013
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Pomona’s landscape includes creeks and water courses which extend through to the surrounding reserve areas. The low-lying areas contain swampy habitat where seasonal pools are present following rain.  The vegetation is predominately shrubby open forest of Eucalypt, while also being home to two endangered vegetation species, the Southern Penda and the Hairy Hazelwood.  A wide variety of native animals can also be located in the area such as the Kangaroo, echidna and the Glossy Black Cockatoo. As with the vegetation there are a number of rare and endangered animal species, these include the Rose-shaded Skink, Cooloola Blind Snake, Stephen’s Banded Snake, Richmond Birdwing Butterfly, Green-thighed Frog, Golden-tipped Bat, Tusked Frog and Koala’s.

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