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From table to tip...where to now?
21 Sep 2013
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Once collected at the Gladstone Transfer Station, all recycling is taken to the Central Queensland Materials Recovery Facilty (CQMRF) in Rockhampton, about 100 kms north of Gladstone. Here all recyclables are sorted even further then sold to companies to be re-manufactured into new products.

  • Recycled plasctics can become things such  as; yo-yos, kayaks, pullovers or lunch trays
  • Glass is cleaned and crushed and used locally as sand replacement.
  • Steel cans may be recycled into “new” cans, vehicle parts, toys, appliances, fire hydrants or tools. All steel products contain some recycled material - usually at least 25%! Steel never loses quality or strength so it can be endlessly recycled.
  • Aluminium cans may be recycled into “new” cans or other aluminium products such as lawn chairs, window frames, pie pans, foil or car parts. 
  • Paper products are baled and transported to Amcor’s manufacturing plant in Petrie, Brisbane, where they are reused to manufacture cardboard products. In fact you probably have one of their recycled products in your pantry (Central Queensland Local Government Association, 2010).
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