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Positive impact of the floods
22 Sep 2013
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There are advantages to the floods. The floods help to provide feed for the cattle and tops up the dams.

During the floods, plants and algae flourish, in turn small fish feed on these, and then thrive long enough to breed giving the bigger fish more food to eat. In the dry years the few small fry fish survive to become adults.

Barramundi grow to maturity in the upper reaches of the rivers and streams. The adult fish then travel downstream, especially during flooding, to spawn in the estuaries and coastal waters. Nutrients carried downstream in the floodwaters are food for many young marine fish and spawns living in our estuaries.

Scientists have shown that the bigger the flood, the bigger the catch of banana prawns.

Therefore, big floods help to keep the fish strong and healthy, more fish and prawns to catch, which is good for the region’s fisheries and boosts the Queensland’s economy.

The floods also help flush out the rivers, and reduces the pollutants and sediments reaching the Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

(Information received from the Flow centre, Rockhampton and signs along the Fitzroy River.)

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