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Floods in Rockhampton
22 Sep 2013
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 Rockhampton is mostly a very flat area and is built on a flood plain. Extreme weather experienced in December 2010 and January 2011 caused all nine rivers of the basin to flood. Rainfall falls in the Nagoa and Dawson rivers and travels downstream (700km) and may take up to a week to reach the Fitzroy River. When the floodwater reaches Rockhampton, it spreads across the flood plain, covering low-lying areas in water (Flow, 2013).

This natural disaster hit the headlines worldwide. During the time of the floods, Queensland premier of the time Anna Bligh warned that the flood damage is so extensive that it would affect the world economy. The big agricultural center’s of the country, where massive farms were submerged in water, and reduced to small islands. The floods paralysed these businesses for weeks! The natural disaster affected about 1 million sq. km of land with Rockhampton region being affected the most.

 In Rockhampton, businesses were affected and about 400 homes in Rockhampton were flooded. Some homes were destroyed and people were left homeless. As the Fitzroy River continued to rise, roads and airports were submerged isolating Rocky for about two weeks. The Bruce highway was closed down affecting food entering the city. At the time, I could not leave Rockhampton to go home in New Zealand! The closer of the Bruce highway cost Australia an estimated amount of $80 million dollars (Flow, 2013).

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