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Place - An Introduction to the Gooseponds
22 Sep 2013
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The Gooseponds is a network of freshwater catchments, home to turtles as well as many different types of birds and fish.  It is common to see geese, ducks, and even the odd pelican on the banks and in the water, and if you stay still at the edge of the water or on the bridges for long enough, you will see curious turtles stick their heads out of the water, almost as if to say hello.  Other than animals, the Gooseponds have a range of big, shady trees, lush green grass and small hills and slopes that lead visitors over and under different bridges. 

The Gooseponds is used by many people every day.  People often use it as a shortcut to and from school, and suburbs without having to follow the road system of Mackay.  It is also a great place for families to spend time together, and for people to work on their fitness, exercise and take their dogs for walks.  Another fact about the Gooseponds is that there is no access for motorised vehicles, like cars, which helps protect the grounds and environment. 

The only vehicle allowed through the Gooseponds however, is maintenance equipment, like mowers, used by workers of Mackay Regional Council.  This is because the Mackay Regional Council makes sure the Gooseponds Creek is in the best condition by maintaining (looking after) the clear pathways, short grass, and of course the habitat of the wildlife. 

When we visit the Gooseponds, we must be respectful of the environment and traditional owners of the land, being Mackay’s original Indigenous people, the Juipera tribe.  To do this, we can make sure we use the bins instead of littering, and that we do not harm the wildlife found at the Gooseponds.  It is against the law to litter, or to leave dog droppings behind, as it is dirty and harmful for the animals, and not nice to see as a visitor.  So we must do your part to look after our natural assets, such as the Gooseponds.  

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