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The magnificent Noosa River
22 Sep 2013
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Noosa River is world renowned for it's outstanding natural beauty and quality of marine life. The river has been a major element of Noosa's history and has influenced many people's lives. It has made a substantial contribution to the town's economy as people from around the globe come to enjoy recreational activities on the river. It has plenty to offer for everyone including boat hire, fishing trips, everglade tours and many restaurants dotted along the shores. It is a very popular place for families to enjoy as the river is noted for it's high quality cleanliness and beautiful parks right down to the water's edge. The river has been enjoyed for around 40,000 years by the indigenous people and local tribes. The name Noosa is an Aboriginal word meaning shade or shadow, which was thought to be derived from the tall forests that line the river's banks. The first white people saw Noosa River and surrounding areas as an ideal location for logging and sheep grazing country.  

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