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Friends of Pasturage Reserve
23 Sep 2013
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WETLANDCARE Australia have worked in partnership with Bundaberg Regional Council, Friends of Pasturage Reserve, Bundaberg Landcare, Gidarjil rangers, the local Impact team and the Bargara Lions Club to undertake the planting of 950 local native trees at Pasturage Reserve.The area is of high conservation value because it contains one of the few melaleuca swamp remnants along the Burnett-Elliott coast and provides habitat for threatened species.

Years of neglect have stripped our urban creeks, parks and roadways of vibrant indigenous vegetation. It's time for us to remedy this erosion of our natural heritage. We can bring a diverse range of birds and creatures into our daily lives and would be creating a sustainable living space in step with Australian conditions. Community groups are helping to rehabilitate weed choked native vegetation, enabling it to regenerate and thus, restoring native biodiversity. 



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