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Australian Indigenous protected site.
23 Sep 2013
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Bundaberg offers the Burrum Coast National Park, this is a showcase of protected coastal lowland vegetation types: paperbark swamps (with cabbage palms - especially in the Woodgate section), wallum heaths and mangroves. From sites such as this having protection people have an insight as to what life was like before European settlement.

Modern life has led many of us to disconnect from nature and to forget how deeply we depend on the health and vitality of the environment. Indigenous people, through many centuries of experience have developed a spiritual connection, understanding and deep appreciation of their land. There is much to gain by exploring and respecting the wisdom and ways of Australia’s first people. As we aim to lighten our footprint on the environment there are many lessons we can learn from the way indigenous people lived and continue to live in harmony with the land, and its natural environment. Little waste was generated and entertainment was sourced from the stars and natural environment.
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