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Australian Geography Curriculum
23 Sep 2013
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Geography / Year 1 / Geographical Knowledge and Understanding: 

Content description

The natural, managed and constructed features of places, their location, how they change and how they can be looked after.



·       using observations to identify and describe the natural features (for example, hills, rivers, native vegetation), managed features (for example, farms, parks, gardens, plantation forests) and constructed features (for example, roads, buildings) of the local place, and locating them on a map.

·       using observations and/or photographs to identify changes in natural, managed and constructed features in their place, for example, recent erosion, revegetated areas, planted crops or new buildings.

·      describing local features people look after, for example, bushland, wetland, park or a heritage building, and finding out why and how these features need to be cared for, and who provides this care.


Geographical Inquiry and Skills / Interpreting, analysing and concluding: 

Content description

Draw conclusions based on the interpretation of geographical information sorted into categories.


Geography / Year 1 / Geographical Inquiry and Skills / Collecting, recording, evaluating and representing: 

Content description

Collect and record geographical data and information, for example, by observing, by interviewing, or from sources such as photographs, plans, satellite images, story books and films.

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