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Geography Inquiry Questions and answers
24 Sep 2013
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How does this environment support the lives of people and other living things? 

 The botanic gardens are a source of education for the people of Gladstone. It offers walks and information about the different animals and plants that inhabit the gardens, it also offers a smoke free zone for people to walk and relax in clean fresh air. The Tondoon botanic gardens is beneficial for the community and vital in the survival of the planet as the plants and trees are strategically placed to help move species around and to help the ecosystems to adapt to new climates and different regions.

·     How can people use places and environments more sustainably?

People of the community can participate in Clean up Australia day and also participate in National Tree day. Both of these are specifically in place to help educate the community in the importance of trees and nature.


Facts why Botanical gardens are important:

·         Plants can provide humans with medicinal benefits

·         Trees absorb heat and take in carbon dioxide and release Clean Oxygen into the air for us to breath

·         It provides a habitat for insects and animals

·         Can help to minimize flooding

·         Provides a lovely recreational spot for families, schools, parties and weddings


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