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MarshART 2009 - captioned for hearing impaired
8 Jul 2010
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The MarshART Project MarshART takes place each year under the banner of the Boab Festival in Derby. The event is a celebration of the marshland that surrounds Derby and the artistic creativity of Derby, including those residents with disabilities, or who are socially disadvantaged. The event was designed to encourage the community to view the landscape in new ways by supporting local artists to develop art forms in response to the environment. The MarshART concept was conceived in 2007 by DADAA in association with local community members. Over three years, the event has expanded to encompass a multiplicity of art forms including sculpture, installation, painting, performance, digital media, circus, community cultural development, music and dance. For further information on DADAA, visit www.dadaawa.org.au

Community Environment Indigenous community arts Derby Festival social inclusion
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