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Inner Peace Machines
24 Sep 2013
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While corporations strive to create industrial business machines for success in the outer world, an Inner Peace Machine strives for success within humans' inner realm. Success in the outer realm is not guaranteed nor does it necessarily result in peace. However, success within the human heart is ultimately guaranteed by a higher power and inner peace is synonymous with that success.

The creation of an Inner Peace Machine involves the harmonious integration of technologies developed using both physical scientific (rational) and metaphysical spiritual (intuitive) knowledge. The Inner Peace Machine is a handmade artifact incorporating all the elements of Earth, Water, Air & Fire. Practical components include microprocessors, LED lighting, servos, sensors, and motors, as well as hand fused glass, natural crystals, stone, woodworking, metalworking and textiles. 

An Inner Peace Machine is handmade with artistic skill, love and mindfulness.

conference exhibition digital media installation visual arts artist digital artist fused glass handmade harmonious intuitive love machine metaphysical mindfulness peace spiritual water
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