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CABRUCA - Organicos Sul da Bahia
20 Jul 2010
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A CABRUCA, Cooperativa de Produtores Organicos do Sul da Bahia, foi fundada no final de 2000 e tem uma Parceria de sucesso com a Natura, no dominio da Mata Atlantica.

Recompoem areas degradadas com sistemas agroflorestais, cultivando cacau-cabruca a sombra de arvores remanescentes dessa floresta, representando um modelo com efetivo monitoramento ambiental e desenvolvimento socioeconomico sustentavel.

CABRUCA, Cooperativa de Produtores Organicos do Sul da Bahia, was founded at the end of 2000 and is working today with 62 cooperates in the cacao region of Southern Bahia, Brazil, in the Atlantic Rainforest area. Small and medium sized farms, together with a land reform settlement are the main components of the cooperative. CABRUCA farmers join a total farm area of over 4.000 hectares, with 3000 hectares in agroforestry systems. All members reserve the required area of 20% as forest reserve, and three members have recognized private reserves of natural patrimony, totalling over 1000 hectares of Atlantic Rainforest. Counting family members, employees, service staff and contract workers the CABRUCA community includes more than one thousand persons. Our main product is Cacao planted in the traditional agroforestry system in the shadow of native trees (cabruca). This contributes to the conservation of biodiversity in the region. Besides cacao, CABRUCA produces tropical fruits and derivates, spices, and heart of palm.


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