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1. A Walk Through Walkerston
18 Sep 2013
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Located a short drive west of Mackay, the drive into Walkerston takes you past green fields of cane. The Peak Downs Highway runs straight through town and crosses Bakers Creek at Kirkup Bridge.

Walkerston was for many years known as 'Scrubby' due to being a small country town out in the scrub, however, for the past 5 or so years it has taken off and development has seen great changes occur in the local area. There was always enough local services to provide for the people living in or closely around Walkerston, but with all the new houses being built more shops and other services like Hairdressers, a Chemist and take away shops have made the town even more self-sufficient.

Walkerston is a popular place to reside in due to its location; being at the entrance to the beautiful Pioneer Valley and closer to the mining sites, than Mackay itself, for mining staff who commute the long trip out west. Its ideal location means it is still close enough to Mackay's beaches, the shopping centres, entertainment venues and other businesses.

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