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Living on the Noosa River
27 Sep 2013
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Dave and Kym Hancock (as pictured) have lived on the river for over ten years. They travel on the river every day to get to work and to the mainland. They use their dinghy rain, hail or shine and tie up at the public jetty in Tewantin. Dave says that it can sometimes be a hassle using the boat however the overall quality of living right on the river is priceless. Kym laughs about how it can be a nightmare doing the grocery shopping as she has to load the groceries into the car, then into the boat and then out of the boat. Very time consuming! They have both noticed big changes in the area in the last 20 years, as wake caused by boats is eroding the shoreline. Dave explains that he built a rock wall 15 years ago to prevent the shoreline becoming damaged. However, it is starting to wash away. In both their opinions the speed limit and tour boat restrictions need to tightened and regulated more thoroughly. 

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