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Clean and Green Great Keppel Island
27 Sep 2013
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Great Keppel Island is a tropical paradise which is surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Great Keppel Island is a part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area - the world's largest reef and island system. It is of exceptional beauty and biological diversity, protecting many endangered animals and plants. It encompasses diverse ecosystems from native woodland, mangrove forests to creeks and wetlands, dune systems and beaches.

Great Keppel Island has an interior rich with native flora and fauna which are been protected by the Island National Park and Marine Park Authority as well as the community and visitors around the Island.

Great Keppel Island ensures a haven for all holiday makers and local people in the community which includes the aboriginals who are first inhabitants of the island.

Great Keppel Island is a natural environment where people have tried to take advantage of the scenic views, but have also tried to conserve and protect the natural environment.

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