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Facts you may not know about Currimundi
28 Sep 2013
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The suburb of Currimundi lies in the heart of the Caloundra area and is located on the SunShine Coast, Queensland. The name Currimundi is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning "place of flying fox".

The Currimundi area was first discovered around the time of Euorpean settlement in the late 1800's and the land was used mainly for grazing and farming. The area of Currimundi began to grow slightly in the interwar period. Although significant residenttial development did not take place until the postwar years, from the 1960's to the 1980's was the time that rapid growth took place in the area. Since then there has been a rapid incline of development in the area, with major attractions such as Currimundi Lake, Currimundi Market Place, Dicky Beach town centre, Caloundra Private Hospital, Currimundi Recreation Camp and several schools. The population is around 13,907.

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