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Geraldton CBD As You Know It
28 Sep 2013
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The Geraldton CBD as you see it today still reflects the early building of significant services along the Town Beach. Although some of the focus of business within Geraldton has changed. Tourism has become a big part of the Geraldton Town focus. One major factor in promoting tourism is Geraldton is to utilise the beautiful weather in Geraldton. The City of Greater Geraldton website confirms that stating “Geraldton has great weather all year. You’ll find mild winters, balmy autumn evenings, summers cooled by regular sea breezes and spring bursting with the freshness of wildflowers blooming under perfect blue skies. Geraldton is one of the sunniest locations in Australia in January with over 11 hours of sunshine per day on average!


Average maximum temperatures peak in February in Geraldton, with a monthly mean of about 30°C on the coast and just over 32°C at the airport. Regular sea breezes moderate the climate in the warmer months, in contrast, winters are mild with the July average maximum temperature being the lowest of any month at just under 20°C. Temperatures below 20°C are rare.”


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