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2009 Tondoon Botanical gardens Brochure
22 Sep 2013
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This Brochure, from 2009, highlightes features of the Tondoon Gardens, such as the various Rainforests, Bushlands and other Vegetation areas, Mount Biondello, Lake Tondoon, the playground and picnic areas, the Japanese Tea House and the Garden of Stillness and Movement, the Observation Tower, Visitor centre and Restaurant, the Orchid House and the Quarry, among other things.

This Brochure is used for an excursion to the Gardens. We will learn about: 

Environment -  Observation of living and non-living surroundings, and discuss natural, managed and constructed environments

Space - examine 3D surface of the Gardens, see how the environment and people interact and exist together by observing and learning about how people can and do look after the Gardens and the Environment.

Sustainability - Learn how Lake Tondoon once supported Gladstone as our water supply before Awoonga. Learn how The Botanic Gardens were once used for their medicinal properties before today's technology. The Gardens provide Economic Sustainability by providing jobs for people. They contribute to Natural Sustainability by protecting and cultivating endangered scecies of vegetation, and providing a large source of clean air for the inhabitants of Gladstone. The Gardens also have an element of Political Sustainability through the Japanese Tea House and the Garden of Stillness and Movement, which were created to honour Gladstone's sister city, Saiki City in Japan. The Mayor of Saiki City came to the official opening of the Tea House in 2001.

This is also Interconnectivity, as Gladstone is connected to the city of Saiki in Japan through the sister City program and both cities have a garden dedicated to the other city. 


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