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How Gladstone got its name
30 Sep 2013
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In May 0f 1770, James Cook sailed past Gladstone and didn't even realise it was there.  However in 1802, Matthew Flinders, during his circumnavigation of Australia, sailed into Gladstone Harbor as the first recorderd European to set eyes on the area. The port he sailed through was christened Port Curtis, after Admiral Sir Roger Curtis, an officer of the british Navy who had assisted Flinders many years earlier at the Cape of Good Hope.  

After Flinders left the area, a colony was established, and shortly after came the entrance of Colonel George Barney, a Royal Engineer officer and sworn-in Lieutenant Governer of the colony of "North Australia" (today known as the Northern Territory and Queensland) who came on a boat carrying 87 soldiers and convicts.  This ship had ran aground off the southern tip of Facing Island, and the settlers had spent seven weeks at this location before being rescued by a supply ship, who was able to travel to the intended site of settlement, the region now known as Barney Point.

The actual town itself, however, was named after William Ewart Gladstone, a British politician who had served as Prime Minister four seperate times.  During the 19th century, a marble statue was created in his honour.  However, Queensland isn't the only town named after the politician.  Oregon, New Jersey, and New Mexico in the United States of America, and Manitoba in Canada all bear his name.

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