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Gladstone: A brief history
30 Sep 2013
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Before settlers came, Gladstone was originally owned by the three Indigenous Aboriginal tribes; The Baiali, the Goreng Goreng, and the Goereng.  

In May 1770, Captain James Cook sailed by the entrance of the Gladstone Harbour during the night, unaware that there was any civilisation.  It wasn't until 1802 when Matthew Flinders, during his circumnavigation of Australia, that the area was noticed, making him the first recorded European to set sight on it.

Many years later in 1823, John Oxley sailed by the area, intending to mark land- however, he found the harbour too difficult to enter and the country too dry, and left without any consideration.

Development of Gladstone was slow until around 1893, when a meatworks was established at Parsons Point- then, in 1963, the old meatworks was turned into what is today known as Queensland Alumina Limited- otherwise known as QAL.  From this point, Gladstone's port was expanded and the city began an era of industrial development and economic benefits.


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