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Boyne Island Smelter
1 Oct 2013
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Boyne Smelters Limited


Boyne Island, Queensland

Boyne Smelters Limited (BSL) is the largest aluminium smelter in Australia. Located approximately 20km south of Gladstone at Boyne Island on the Central Queensland coast, BSL produces more than 570,000 tonnes of aluminium per annum.

BSL produces high quality ingot and billet. The majority of aluminium produced at the smelter is exported to South East Asia and North America and is used in engineered products for the aerospace, mass transportation, building construction, electricity transmission, wind-power generation, recreation and leisure industries.

When it first opened in 1982, BSL produced 210,000 tonnes of aluminium per year. In 1995, $900 million was invested to increase the smelter's capacity to over 540,000 tonnes per year. This capacity came on line when Reduction Line 3 was commissioned in 1997.

In June 2012, the company completed a $720 million upgrade that included re-building one of three existing carbon bake furnaces and replace its two other carbon bake furnaces with a new furnace. The new furnace is more energy efficient and has greatly reduced onsite greenhouse gas emissions. Other upgrades included the replacement of all Reduction Line 1 and 2 cranes, crane runway upgrades and rale replacements, as well as the installation of an Automated Alumina Distribution System. These upgrades were essential to increase efficiency, improve environmental performance and extend the lifespan of the smelter.

BSL is focused on operating sustainably by ensuring the health and safety of employees, minimising environmental impacts and contributing to the local community.

During its development in the late 1970s, BSL worked with a number of government bodies to build housing, bridges, government services, a regional shopping complex and other infrastructure.The smelter expansion in 1995 also provided for new social infrastructure, including roads, waste water connection to provide water for sporting fields, additional sporting fields, and extensions to bicycle and walking tracks.

Operation data:

Number of employees

Approximately 1,100 employees and contractors


Ingot and billet

Primary markets

South East Asia and North America

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