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5 Oct 2013

This soundscape is a site-specific sound installation to accompany ZAMEEN at Parramasala 2013, an international contemporary arts festival in Sydney, Australia.

Mysterious, beautiful and utterly captivating, ZAMEEN is a contemporary dance and multimedia work that pulls you into the heart of a remote Indian community fighting for their way of life. Within this world, two dancers from one of India’s leading contemporary dance companies, the much lauded Attakkalari – perform an intense, controlled and intricate dance score, inspired by the stories and movement of the community.

An immersive audiovisual environment – built entirely out of recordings done on site with the community itself – sustains the show, pitching you from the very start in the midst of their song and struggle to secure land in the face of large scale damn development. Both politically provocative and deeply emotional, ZAMEEN simultaneously depicts both the success of this incredible social movement and the ongoing sacrifices made to preserve it. Don’t miss this opportunity to see brilliant performers from one of India’s most exciting contemporary dance companies, paired up with co-creators Jehan Kanga, award winning Australian composer Leah Barclay and CuriousWorks Artistic Director S. Shakthidharan, whose The Other Journey experience in Parramasala 2011 quickly became one of the most talked about events in the festival’s history. ZAMEEN is a partnership between CuriousWorks, Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Jehan Kanga, Leah Barclay and S. Shakthidharan. It is the first major outcome from The Dam(n) Project. Link to tickets for the show Zameen 5pm Sunday 6th October 3pm Monday 7th October http://www.parramasala.com/event/1348/

India Soundscape Water
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