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"Words for Water" @ISMAR2013, MARart
28 Sep 2013

Words for water is an exploration into the many aspects of the chemical of H20. Water makes up over 70 per cent of the human body, it is essential for sustaining life and has massive social and cultural significance.

Water may seem ubiquitous, but it has some rather uncommon properties. At the atomic level, water can influence how life and landscapes form, such as how water moves through a plant and how rivers meander around bends. It is also the only chemical that be formed in three states – vapour, liquid and solid.

This project will use augmented media tools to evoke a meditative work focusing on the concept water. The Murray River (the longest river in Australia) is considered as a body and traversed from source to the mouth.

By using a visual ‘trigger’ audiences will be able to use their mobile phones and hand held devices to access the work. The work is designed to be totally transportable and ‘fluid’, allowing people to access the work from both physical and virtual spaces.

The process for developing the content has involved using online social networks to gather the word for water in many languages. To date I have gathered over 30 languages, including 8 Indigenous Australian languages. This project seeks to raise awareness of the significance of water to humanity – its critical importance to our existence: spirituality, culture, health and ecological sustainability.

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