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A Broken Tomb at Dennis Hollow Cemetery
13 Oct 2013

Efforts have been made by Merril Plange to restore broken tombstones like this one. This photo also shows the overgrown landscape of the cemetery.

In March 18, 2013 a New York Times article was published about slaves' forgotten burial sites. 

"There is no comprehensive list of where they are and who lies within them. The situation troubled Sandra Arnold, 50, a history student at the School of Professional and Continuing Studies at Fordham University, who traces her ancestry to slaves in Tennessee. 'The fact that they lie in these unmarked abandoned sites,' Ms. Arnold said, 'it’s almost like that they are kind of vanishing from the American consciousness.'"

Sandra Arnold began The Burial Database Project of Enslaved African Americans to help identify and memorialize these burial grounds. 

In 2010, a group of boy scouts cleared the area of overgrown landscape and created steps from the street, leading to the tombstones. 





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