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The Damaging Effects of Hail
2 Nov 2013

house damage - 

Roofs of houses get the brunt of hail during its thunderstorm. The effects can be tiny things like dents in metal roofs but that will then expose the roof for further damage by nature and its elements. When a hail storm has ended, you should inspect your house and its outside structure for any 'out there' damage. Sometimes it can be difficult to spot however, when the damage has been identified a fix to the house can help evict problems in the future. As an example if there is a damaged water pipe it may cause leaking that will allow water to spread to unwanted places and could cause rust or wall damage if not notices straight away.

Human Safety - 

If a hail storm has been stumbled upon you must move indoors ASAP. Hail stones can get as heavy as 1/2 a kilogram so one certainly wouldn't want to be hit by one as it falls from above. While such sizes are farely rare any hit to the noggin with its solid iced make-up is going to be unpleasent. Normal hail stones can be the size of a coin. Some warning signs to use to get to shelter fast is thunder, lightning and foreboding clouds.

Vehicles - 

Motor vehicles are very susceptible to hail damage. Cars may also get dints and dents in a bad hail storm just like any normal metal roof on a house. Most people would most likely consider aesthetics of a car to be much more important than the unseen roofs on a house so therefore cars needto be kept under shelter in hail storms.During a major hailstorm in Sydney, Australia in 1999, many car dealerships left cars outdoors and exposed. The result was a large glut of pockmarked vehicles that needed to be sold at major discounts to their pre hail storm prices. Many car sales yards now have protective netting installed to ward off damaging hail stones. 

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jasmine stringer Sat, 2 Nov 2013 4:55pm

I hope this article increases your knowlege on hail storms:)