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3 Aug 2010
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Rediplan is the name given to the Australian Red Cross Emergency Services teams. The Sunshine Coast first Rediplan team consists of eight dedicated people from various walks of life who are ready and prepared to drop everything and head off to any current emergency. The team has been trained to deal with various situations and regularly attends sessions to keep all their training up to date. A bag is packed and all members are expected to be deployed to any activation that may occur anywhere in our State. After 15 or 16 hour days in the field it is time to relax and unwind prior to the next day’s onslaught. The work can be emotionally draining and the camaraderie and light hearted evenings experienced in the off hours is essential to the wellbeing of the team. And at the end of the activation the whole group celebrates by going to dinner and sharing their stories.

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