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Mark Jenkins: Clothesline
5 Mar 2007
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Installed in 2007 in Lisbon. In a recent interview with Mark Jenkins I asked him about his persepctive on museums and galleries. ": It’s not museums themselves, but the institutions that I have trouble with. What is shown, how it’s shown, it’s a dirty business. It’s like the music industry, good music is always out there but it can get lost: it’s more democratic though. Galleries it’s about who you know. If you are shown in a museum you get pushed to the top, it’s like playing a game, and they take public money to do it. Someone on the board is deciding what is getting shown in the museum. In galleries, if you sell a piece and you have been shown in a museum it adds value to your art. They take public tax money and apply it to art, it increases value, and who is deciding what you should see, and what’s not seen?" -Mark Jenkins (Interview, November 22nd, 2013) 


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