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Mark Jenkins: Blond Girl
1 May 2007
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The Blond Girl appeared in DC in 2007. Mark Jenkins will often remake and instal pieces, sometimes as many as five times. I interviewed him on November 22nd, 2013, and asked about the Discovery Short narrated by The Blond Girl.

Me: Have you seen the Discovery Channel video of the Blond Girl narrated monologue? What are your thoughts?

MJ: The Discovery Channel came to London to film that. The lady that came to do the film kept saying “we need something to happen!” I told them, don’t bring a big camera, just something small, it’s no big deal. They brought this huge camera and boom, and people kept getting out of the way because they thought they were making a film. The lady from the Discovery channel had a huge fight with the camera guy and he quit, or she fired him... She kept saying she needed to make a “great film” a film about the blond girl. So the camera guy wanted to take a break and get lunch. We went to eat lunch. When we came back, the sculpture was gone. A fire truck came by and took it. The lady freaked out saying “That was the film!” The fire men kept the sculpture. They offered to give it back to me, but I told them I don’t take the pieces back." -Mark Jenkins (Interview, November 22nd, 2013)

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