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The Stray Cat
16 Nov 2013
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Only a story: Redfern and I go back a long way. My mother bought her first home in good old Lawson Street Thirty years ago. I have lived here on and off all these years. I now live in Wooloomooloo. It's like a 'sister' neighbourhood to Redfern and you see the same faces around. One night as my children and I were going home from visiting, as we approached the station, I noticed a car going over a bump on the road. I quickly saw that it was not a bump, to my surprise, it was a small run over cat. I ran straight out to stop the next car from running over the poor thing, and I made the car go around it. Then as I told the children, who were distressed to know the situation. They got a cardboard box and we scooped up the tiny battered body, still twitching and my eyes couldn't hold back the tears for such a heartbreaking scene. The children waited while I ran back to the house to get a shovel so we could bury it, because we couldn't leave it there. We all felt that this tiny was important and special as ours. When I got back with the shovel, Dolly, a Koori local woman, had stopped and wanted to help with the burial. So we all gave our own loving words of goodbye to little stray, as we soon realised it had come from the cat colony in Everly St. It was a special, moving, spiritual experience for us all and we always respect our animal cousin.

Johanna Campbell (45)

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