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There is only one earth, lets make it last!
30 Nov 2012

There is only one earth, let’s make it last. By Niamph Mchugh There are six beautiful biomes in the world. Freshwater, Marine, Desert, Forest, Grassland and tundra. Freshwater has less than 1% salt. There are 3 types of Freshwater, Ponds and Lakes, Rivers and Streams and Wetlands. Marine covers about ¾ of our wonderful planet. There are 3 types of Marine, Oceans, Coral Reefs and Estuaries. Marine has lots of plants and animals. Desert covers 1/5 of our earth’s surface. There are only 4 types of Desert, Hot and Dry, Semiarid Desert, Coastal Desert and Cold Desert. Forest covers 1/3 of our earth’s surface. There are only 3 types of Forest, Tropical Forest, Temperate Forest and Boreal Forest. Grassland is land dominated by grasses rather than shrubs or trees. There are 2 types of Grassland, Savanna and Temperate Grassland. Grassland has an extremely wide variety of Animal and Plant life. Tundra comes from the word Tuntri meaning treeless plain. Tundra has a short season of growth and reproduction. There are 3 types of Tundra, Arctic Tundra and Alpine Tundra. BUT… These biomes are being destroyed, by whom? Us human beings, we are polluting, oil spilling, overfishing, logging, constructing building through precious biomes and overhunting. ALL OF THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW!!! WE HAVE ONLY GOT ONE CHANCE; LET’S MAKE IT WORTH – WHILE!!!

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