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Seattle International Film Festival
1 Dec 2013
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 May 15- June 8. 2014

Founded in 1976, the Seattle International Film Festival is among the top film festivals in North America. Audiences have grown steadily; the 2006 festival had 160,000 attendees. In recent years, the SIFF has run for more than three weeks (24 days), in May/June, and features a diverse assortment of predominantly independent and foreign films and, in recent years, a strong contingent of documentaries.

SIFF has a reputation as an "audience festival" rather than an "industry festival" The festival often partially overlaps the Cannes Film Festival, which can reduce attendance by industry bigwigs

Since 1985, the Seattle International Film Festival has awarded the Golden Space Needle award each year to the festival's most popular movie. Ballots are cast by audience members at the end of each movie.

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