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Old Mines Historic Village
8 Nov 2013
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After our time at St Joachim’s and the cemetery, the group drove up to have a look at an ongoing project of the Old Mines Historical Society in the area: The Old Mines Historic Village,. This project has taken five historic cabins from the area and moved them to a central location in the hills outside of Cadet, Missouri to serve as the center of the historic village. The group spoke with the project’s coordinator and some of the workers who were there refurbishing one of the cabins. Breaking off into threes and fours, we wandered around the site, taking pictures, capturing video, and recording audio. I went down to where several cabins were placed closely together and took note of the use of mud and straw daubing used to chink the logs both inside and outside of the cabins. One interesting feature was that a cabin had red plank siding covering the original logs use din the construction of the cabin, it appeared that the project was the process of removing the siding to expose the original logs. This process had also revealed that a portion of one of the logs had been replaced with concrete, an interesting feature. Our time at this village was relatively short, only an hour or so, but the dedication to the preservation and continuation of the local history and culture was readily apparent.


After the historic village, the group drove to Potosi, Missouri to have lunch at Boo’s Market, a local restaurant and small grocer. We sat in the restaurant and talked about a variety of things such as an upcoming writing retreat in the Arcadia Valley, hand crafting lace, teaching experiences, and personal research interests as we waited for our burgers and fried okra and cauliflower. Boo’s market has a number of different burgers that are themed and named after the different high school mascots in the region and range from bison burgers to ones with fried onion strips and spicy barbeque sauce. It was simple, classic American fare but completely satisfying. After lunch, the group parted ways with Natalie and made the return drive to Ste Genevieve to have a short debriefing about the field trip experience, look at the photos, and go over the historic Bolduc House to have dinner sponsored by the Mississippi River Hills Association.



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