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Anzac Park
7 Dec 2013
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Participating in Damien Aidons (did i spell that correctly?) environmental grafitti project.  Everyone was 'into it'.  And what a beautiful park overlooking the river.  Why do we not make more use of it?

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George H.F. Budd Mon, 9 Dec 2013 9:14pm

Story and pic GOOD :)  I think something is up with the computer clock, for this story WAS NOT POSTED IN NOVEMBER 2012.   ! technical issue FLAG FOR ATTENTION we don't want to undermine our credibility as reporters, in the future  by not addressing how we deal with this BUG.

WendyWoo Mon, 9 Dec 2013 9:22pm

Good pick up George - amended.  Date was on other one of my entries too (which I have deleted)  - but I was thinking it is human error on my part perhaps.

George H.F. Budd Mon, 9 Dec 2013 10:11pm

Wow! Wendy quick fix, (although your time of day seems to be daylight saving time now), do you think you typed in the wrong date at first, or did the program take the reference from your computer that was not set to current date? Either way it raises a question , not aimed at you, but perhaps something for discussion as we refine procedures. :) Let's keep playing with this and we'll soon have the smooth moves down to share.

WendyWoo Mon, 9 Dec 2013 10:23pm

Ok I have just looked at my time setting on my profile and nothing was set.  So hopefully that is now fixed.  My computer clock is correct so i am guessing perhaps I was flicking through the date calendar for some reason.   Not sure.  I will keep an eye on it.

WendyWoo Mon, 9 Dec 2013 10:24pm

oops looked at that las post and the time is worse.  Eeek  bit too busy at moment to play with it so be  back later.



WendyWoo Mon, 9 Dec 2013 10:28pm

ok...... must have looked at that with one eye shut - now looks ok.